Peter Pan - A 3D Stage Spectacular

Never Never Land has never been so real! Based on the story by James M. Barrie, PETER PAN - A 3D STAGE SPECTACULAR takes the audience on an unforgettable journey with the boy who wouldn’t grow up. Featuring breathtaking flying sequences, holographic video effects, a cast of performers from the London stage, and former Cirque du Soleil acrobats, you’ll feel like you’re literally flying with Peter and Wendy. Are you ready for take-off?

This stage production features never-before-seen 3D effects. You’ll soar with Peter and Wendy, see Tinker Bell fly above the audience spreading fairy dust, and watch a hungry crocodile snap his jaws at the tip of your nose. Better have your 3D glasses on!

Tickets: $55 / $65 / $75

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