Alton Brown Live

Edible Inevitable Tour - SOLD OUT!

SPECIAL NOTICE: Pre-show meet and greet tickets for Alton Brown are SOLD OUT.

“He’s part Mr. Wizard, part Dr. Evil and part Gallagher.”
-St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In the late 1990s Alton Brown reinvented the food show with his award-winning “Good Eats.” Now with this live, traveling, foodie, comedy, quiz, lecture, puppet, talk, science, storytelling, and music show he’s reinventing the live, traveling, foodie, comedy... well, you get the point. Audiences are sure to be amazed, amused, edified and perhaps a little bit terrified. (Be sure to request a seat in the “poncho zone.”)

Madison County Public Library has several Alton Brown cookbooks, including his "Good Eats" series, available for checkout. Visit for more info.

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