Tickets Purchased by Third Parties

The ONLY safe place to purchase tickets to EKU Center for the Arts events is from the EKU Center box office in one of two ways: online through official websites ( or or by phone at 859.622.7469. Other websites and phone services are operated by third-party, unauthorized ticket resellers. When purchasing through these resale brokers, you will pay substantially more than the face value of the tickets. 

Tickets purchased from an unauthorized source may be lost, stolen, counterfeit or in violation of resale policies and if so, are VOID. EKU Center for the Arts strongly discourages the purchase of tickets from unauthorized sources and reminds you that scalping a ticket is illegal in the state of Kentucky (see KRS 518.070). We encourage you to protect yourself and always purchase tickets through the authorized ticket agents listed above.  

We cannot guarantee the validity of tickets purchased elsewhere, and therefore, admittance to a performance is not guaranteed. At a minimum, we may void tickets in question and bar such violators from the use of the venue and any services of EKU Center for the Arts. The sale of tickets on EKU Center for the Arts property (including parking lots and entrance roads) is also strictly prohibited. Violators will be considered trespassers and be asked to leave grounds immediately.