Señora Tortuga (in Black Box Theater)

presented by Lexington Children's Theatre

A celebration of the assimilation of two cultures and languages, this English/Spanish bilingual play uses the wisdom tales of the Mexican culture to give hope to a family faced with too much reality. Young Pedro and his family make their home in a barn on the Mexican border. Pedro complains of having nothing and brings his mother many headaches. On one occasion, she invites a hungry woman to share the family dinner. But this Señora returns time and again to eat and tell fantastical stories of the enchanted serpent and Cucuy of Mexican legend, filling Pedro’s nights with heroic, yet frightening dreams. Surprisingly, Pedro is learning from these wisdom tales, but his mother is suspicious of the Señora until it is revealed that Señora Tortuga holds the thread that ties their past dreams to their future.

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Age Recommendation: 4 yrs+, Grades PreK+
Curricular Ties: Mexican Culture, Folktales, Generosity

Tickets $10 (children), $15 (adults) - General Admission (limited to 150 seats)

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