Pride and Prejudice

Aquila Theatre Company

Jane Austen’s ultimate romantic comedy, Pride and Prejudice, has stood the test of time and become a fan favorite. For more than 200 years, the romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy has captivated audiences in novel form. Aquila Theatre, one of the foremost producers of classical theater in the United States, will bring this beloved story thrillingly to life with its signature passion, energy, and visual flair. Filled with unforgettable characters this sharp social satire has it all — a love affair full of romantic misunderstandings, delightful wit, and English country dances!

Published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice, follows the Bennet sisters as they try to navigate their way toward love and marriage. Austen humorously skewers the hypocrisies and absurdities of the English class system, and puts the thoughts and feelings of her women characters front and center.

Recommended Grade Levels: 6-12

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